Collection: Criollo cocoa

Criollo cocoa is one of the highest quality and most sought-after cocoa varieties in the world. This noble variety comes from the original growing areas in Central and South America and is known for its fine texture, unique aroma and excellent quality.

Unlike other cocoa beans, Criollo beans have a higher percentage of cocoa butter, making them an ideal choice for making chocolate and other fine chocolate products. However, due to their lower production and high quality, Criollo cocoa beans are also more expensive than other types of cocoa.

Criollo is the best variety for cocoa ceremonies and is mainly used for this because of its exclusivity.

Another benefit of Criollo cocoa beans is their versatility. They are not only used for chocolate, but also for other products such as cocoa powder, pralines, chocolate bars and much more. In gourmet cuisine they are often used for desserts, sauces and other culinary delights.

Another notable characteristic of Criollo cocoa beans is their lower bitterness compared to other cocoa varieties. They have a milder, more subtle flavor that is appreciated by chocolate lovers around the world.