Theobroma cacao

Since time immemorial, cocoa has been used as medicine by indigenous peoples and was part of sacred ceremonies. The Mayans and Aztecs considered "Mama Cacao" to be the most powerful of all deities. Whenever the balance between man and nature is in danger, Mama Cacao opens people's hearts and restores harmony - according to an old legend.

food of the gods

Cocoa helps to connect with one's true self, provides energy and creates a contented and secure state. The indigenous peoples still regularly worship cocoa in corresponding cocoa ceremonies. These ceremonies essentially consist of an opening, a main part and a closing ritual. You can read about the rough course of such a cocoa ceremony below.

The perfect travel companion

The Indians also usually have a few cocoa beans with them as provisions when they are on long marches and do not have time to cook a meal. Cocoa gives energy and suppresses the feeling of hunger. The beans are very often offered as an offering to the nature gods. Our cocoa, the Criollo variety, is considered the archetype of all existing cocoa plants and only 1% is cultivated worldwide. Since our cocoa is not only 100% organic, but also fair trade and not roasted, it is perfect as ceremonial cocoa. The Criollo variety is the most delicate and pure form of cocoa and is lovingly harvested by hand in Peru.

The Cocoa Ceremony

No cocoa ceremony is like the other and does not follow any rules set in stone. Essentially, however, it consists of 3 sections - the opening, the main part and the closing part.

In the course of the opening ritual, the cocoa is prepared in the traditional way. While stirring, the purpose and intention of the ritual is formulated and one's own energy is sent into the cocoa. Then the cocoa is drunk consciously and mindfully.

In the main part, it makes sense to be creative and to consciously perceive the effect of the cocoa. Mostly it is sung, drawn or meditated in total immersion. Often notes with written words are burned in the course of this main part in order to finally let go - because cocoa cleanses the mind and restores balance.

In the final part of the cocoa ceremony, the cocoa goddess is thanked for her help and thoughts return to the intention of the opening ritual. Every cacao ceremony is unique and no two can be the same. The experiences and insights that arise are often of long-lasting effect.

Of course you can also design your own ceremony according to your preferences. You can find the perfect cocoa for this in our online shop! :)