With the purchase of Wayusa you contribute to the protection of the rainforest!

We started this project to help the rainforest. Our mission is to provide the indigenous families and communities in the jungle with a sustainable income that contributes to the conservation of forest biodiversity. Sustainable income is essential to the basic functioning of families and communities in the current social system in Ecuador. The installation of electricity and compulsory school attendance for families with an average of 5 to 8 children bring many difficulties.

To pay for these rising costs of energy, transportation and school supplies, many families are vulnerable to offers from mining companies in the region. Mining activity has grown exponentially over the past decade as infrastructure has advanced deeper and deeper into the Amazon forest. And so many families are forced to cut down their trees or even sell their land for exploitation of timber, gold and minerals. The current devastating forest fires in the Amazon rainforest are a direct result of this!

Cultivating Wayusa is a sustainable source of income that helps preserve the traditional way of life and culture of indigenous communities and their natural environment. With the profit generated by exporting Wayusa, parts of the Amazon rainforest are also bought, which are subsequently no longer allowed to be cut down. By planting Wayusa trees in the rainforest, we replace income from mining activities with sustainable revenue that also allows for the preservation of the natural forest environment. The traditional, permacultural planting of Wayusa in the shady forest areas supports the diversity of wild life, which has developed into its most fascinating appearance here in the equatorial rainforest.