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What's inside makes Wayusa so unique!

The form of caffeine determines how caffeine actually works in the body. Caffeine is an active ingredient that occurs naturally in over 60 other plants.

According to the current state of science, Wayusa is the plant with the highest caffeine content. It acts mainly on the central nervous system and has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, increases memory and storage capacity. However, the composition of the caffeine is important. Wayusa contains only natural ingredients, including (all essential) amino acids and polyphenols. The caffeine is bound to these. The good thing about it is that the caffeine is only released in the intestinal tract, i.e. more slowly. For this reason, it has a more constant and long-lasting effect.

The effect

Conclusion: Wayusa tea is the "better pick-me-up" - it contains more caffeine than coffee, but with the difference that Wayusa builds up the caffeine level in the body more slowly but lasts longer. As a result, the body is not exposed to any unnatural stress - the ideal start to the day!

Also, Wayusa tea is pH balanced, which means it won't acidify your body. So you can safely drink several cups a day without feeling guilty about it. Wayusa ensures an alert, clear and focused state of mind and also contains all the essential amino acids - a true all-rounder!

Interesting studies on the interaction of L-theanine and caffeine show that it contributes to improved learning and memory performance and helps to improve resistance to stress.


Caffeine is an alkaloid that belongs to the xanthine group of substances. It is classified as a psychoactive drug and stimulant. Caffeine is a component of numerous stimulants such as coffee, tea, energy drinks or cola drinks and has a stimulating effect.


has a similar effect to coffee and is one of the ingredients in cocoa.


helps with bronchial asthma, increases heart performance, stimulates the central nervous system, especially that of the respiratory tract.


Otherwise only found in the tea plant [ Camellia sinensis ], it can pass through the cerebral blood barrier and ensures an alert, focused and at the same time relaxed state, and it also balances out the side effects of caffeine.


twice as much as green tea - protect the cells from free radicals and can have an anti-cancer effect. May reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.


Polyphenols are aromatic compounds and are found in plants as phytochemicals. They represent bioactive substances such as colorants, flavorings and tannins (bitter substances) and are intended to protect the plant from predators or to attract insects for pollination through their color. Due to their antioxidant effect and the filtering of high-energy UV-B radiation, polyphenols also protect the photosynthetic apparatus of some plants.