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Indian Cinnamon Tea | Dried Cinnamon Leaves

Indian Cinnamon Tea | Dried Cinnamon Leaves

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Ever tried Native American cinnamon? Normally, cinnamon is known as a powder, which is obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree/bush. Using powder or whole pieces of bark from the tree is actually more of a "western" way of using it. The Indians in the Amazon region of Ecuador only use the dried leaves of the tree.

This sustainable use of cinnamon not only protects the wild cinnamon stock, since no entire branches or bark have to be cut off for harvesting, but also impresses with its uniquely gentle and mild aroma.

The Indians use the dried cinnamon leaves to prepare a tasty and wholesome tea that is mainly drunk in the evening before going to bed. Wayusa is also very often mixed with cinnamon leaves and harmonizes perfectly. Of course, you can also use it as usual for cooking, baking, etc. Keep in mind, however, that the dried leaves are a bit milder and gentler than regular bark cinnamon.

Important note : Do not cook dried cinnamon leaves for longer than 10 minutes, otherwise they can become bitter. If necessary, add the cinnamon a little later if you use it as a spice.

Our cinnamon leaves come directly from the Kichwa Indians, more precisely from Agustin's family, from whom we also receive Wayusa directly. A product that has only passed through loving hands and has been harvested with the greatest possible appreciation of mother nature.

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