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African Dream Root

African Dream Root

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African Dream Root | Silene undulata

It is a sacred plant of the Xhosa native to South Africa, which in the African tribal tradition is prepared as a tea before going to bed, among other things, in order to initiate healing dreams, to receive vivid and extraordinary visions or to connect with the ancestors in order to get answers to questions or obtain causes of disease. In the Xhosa language the plant is called “ Undela Ziimhophe - white path ”.

The dream root is also very popular as an incense.

A respectful handling of the plant is strongly recommended, since the effect is already set with a quantity of approx. 50mg.

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More about the Dreamroot


Application : According to the Xhosa tradition, if one is tormented by important questions, one can bring them to one's mind before falling asleep. The answer will be symbolically hidden in one of the dreams (that night or the nights that follow).

The shamanic tribes of the Xhosa leave a small piece of root in their mouth until it is completely soft. Then you can chew it and swallow it.

Another option is to grind the root very finely and shake it with water until a white foam forms. Then you only take the foam with a spoon, not the liquid.

Silene Undulata can be consumed at any time of the day, since the effect only unfolds during sleep anyway. There are no known undesirable side effects. It is important to mention, however, that the African dream root very often does not have an effect the first time. One should not be discouraged and consume them 2 or 3 nights in a row anyway.

In principle, regular intake over a period of 1 week ensures a sustained, long-term improvement in sleep and dream sensations. You can remember the dream better and in more detail and thus work better with it. It is very often described that the dreams are perceived as "more revealing", more colorful and more real.