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maca powder

maca powder

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Maca, finely ground powder from dried maca roots.

Superfood - a food that offers an exceptional number of health benefits.

A traditional Peruvian food that gives you strength to work and improves body and mind regeneration.
Maca is also called the "root of life" and by definition also "Peruvian ginseng".
Grows in the Andes at over 4000 meters and is a staple food of the native Indians.

It is traditionally used as part of the diet in Peru as it is said to improve vitality, libido and muscle recovery. Maca has a round, creamy taste.
The Maca tuber is a great source of protein and contains iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, sugar, starches, minerals and many vitamins.

A good teaspoon of maca powder gives every protein shake that "certain something" - in addition, maca promotes "virility" in men! :)

Uses : Add one or two scoops to a variety of dishes such as muesli, porridge or sauces. You can also make it into a tasty drink (protein shakes or mixed with water).

Composition : 100% Maca (bot. Lepidium meyenii)

Note according to EU regulation : Traditional uses, effects and possible contents of useful substances in superfoods are not permitted according to EU legislation and may not be stated.

Origin : Peru - Andes region

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