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Agua de Florida Spray 30 ml (glass)

Agua de Florida Spray 30 ml (glass)

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Pure Agua de Florida bottled in a dark glass bottle.

Agua de Florida is a shamanic flower essence made by Native Americans in Peru. It represents an important part in sacred rituals and is also used in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The recipe, which has been preserved traditionally for centuries, includes various flower essences, cinnamon, cardamom and much more.
With white sage in particular, it is often necessary to "revive" the smoked room afterwards due to its very strong cleaning properties. Agua de Florida would be ideal for this :)

In Ayahuasca ceremonies there comes a moment when the shaman "sprays" a bit of Agua de Florida with his mouth (like a fire breather) over the body. This unique and unmistakable scent is the first impulse that leads you back into your dimension after the cleansing "journey" and provides the necessary grounding. The exact recipe is secret and has been passed down from generation to generation for ages.

Made in Peru, bottled in Austria.

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