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What is Wayusa?

  • The natural energy kick

    Energizing tea made from dried leaves of the Guayusa plant. Naturally contains caffeine, theobromine and L-theanine and also twice as much antioxidants as green tea.

  • Alkaline alternative to coffee

    Guayusa has the highest caffeine content of all plants, but is pH-neutral and is metabolized in the body in a basic manner. Caffeine consumption without acidifying the body - unique taste!

  • Versatile enjoyment

    Wayusa contains no bitter substances (tannins) - the intensity is varied by the cooking time without ever becoming bitter! The longer you cook Wayusa, the stronger the energy kick!

Why Wayusa?

Our mission and pursuit with Wayusa

  • Protect the rainforest

    With the profit from the sale of Wayusa, the Kichwa Indians can buy back parts of the jungle that are protected

  • Support indigenous people

    By cultivating Wayusa, the indigenous people have a livelihood that is fairly rewarded and they are not forced to sell their land to mining companies

  • Being awake naturally

    Wayusa is an alkaline energy source that is used by the indigenous people on a daily basis. Feel the energy of the jungle and get the best out of every day!

Wayusa - Ancient Power

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