The vision

We immediately understood why this plant is revered as sacred by the Indians. For the Kichwas in Ecuador, Wayusa is an inseparable part of daily life, because Wayusa gives energy and helps to connect with nature and with oneself. It literally stands for the connection between God, nature and us humans. It was interesting that something as wonderful and unique as Wayusa was still completely unknown in Europe - although we desperately need Wayusa's ingenious properties and benefits!

A special friendship developed between us and the Indian. He spoke about how it is our job as humans to protect Mother Earth. He shared with us his vision of how Wayusa can help to protect our planet and especially the jungle and at the same time help all people in this world to go through life more consciously. At home in Ecuador, he and his tribe cultivate Wayusa - but not in huge plantations, but in harmony with nature (cf.: Chakras*). With the cultivation and sale of Wayusa, the Kichwa Indians have a livelihood that is fairly remunerated, making it possible to buy back parts of the rainforest and contribute to the cultural preservation of the indigenous population. The Indians can continue to live in harmony with nature and their tradition is preserved. With this project, one can put a stop to the local mining companies, which mercilessly exploit the "lungs of the earth".

We are conscious people who love nature and want to do a part to protect and make this world better. The beginning (Kichwa word “shayary”) of something big was born!

There are no coincidences: And so it happened that the Kichwa Indians chose us to be the only Austrian company to sell Wayusa and to make them known with the right intention. Because we obtain Wayusa directly from the Kichwa Indians without intermediaries, the protection of the Amazon rainforest can be even better and people in Europe can benefit from Wayusa's healing properties! Feel the energy of the jungle while helping protect the planet!

Wayusa has been an integral part of our everyday life for 3 years now and we don't want to withhold this valuable source of energy from you!