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No. Wayusa is so unique that it cannot be compared to anything else. Wayusa is practically the healthiest "stimulant" - you can use caffeine without the typical side effects.

No. Since there are no bitter substances (tannins) in Wayusa, you can brew the tea until it gets the optimal intensity for you without ever becoming bitter.

Wayusa has an earthy, slightly sweet and nutty taste with a hint of caramel. You can literally taste the energy of the jungle!

Yes - Wayusa is 100% organically grown by the Kichwa Indians in Ecuador, carefully harvested by hand and gently dried. The organic certificate is very expensive and has to be renewed annually. Since we are still at the beginning of our project, the certificate will probably be "caught up " later this year!

Yes! Our entire packaging is 100% compostable and consists of paper and a mix of sugar beet / corn extract. Of course you will find the seedling and TÜV Austria logo on the bottom of our packaging. You can easily dispose of the packaging (including the Ziplock) in organic waste!

This has to do with the nature of our 100% compostable packaging. The packaging itself can only be kept for a maximum of 1 year - which is why we recommend transferring the tea to a different container before "expiration". Wayusa itself can easily be stored for several years if stored in a cool, dry place away from light. However, we are not aware of any case where someone mattered ;-)