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The Vision

The beginning ("Shayary") of something big ...

When we first came into contact with Wayusa about three years ago, it was love at first sip. We were part of a cleaning ritual lasting several days, which was conducted by a shaman of the Kichwa Indian tribe when we were given Wayusa for the first time and were able to feel the special power of this sacred plant. After a short time we came into a completely harmonious, clear and focused state full of energy and connectedness. The power of the jungle flowed through the body and created a wonderful feeling of security.

We immediately understood why this plant is revered as sacred by the Indians. For the Kichwas in Ecuador, Wayusa is an inseparable part of everyday life, because Wayusa gives energy and helps to connect with nature and itself. It literally represents the connection between God, nature and us humans. It was interesting that something as wonderful and unique as Wayusa was still completely unknown in Europe - although we urgently need the ingenious properties and advantages of Wayusa!

A special friendship developed between us and the Indian. He said that it is our job as a human being to protect Mother Earth. He shared with us his vision of how Wayusa can help protect our planet, and especially the jungle, while helping everyone in the world to walk through life more consciously. At home in Ecuador, he and his tribe grew Wayusa - but not in huge plantations, but in harmony with nature (see: Chakras *). With the cultivation and sale of Wayusa, the Kichwa Indians have a livelihood that is fairly rewarded, making it possible to buy back parts of the rainforest and contribute to the cultural preservation of the indigenous population. As a result, the Indians can continue to live in harmony with nature and their tradition is preserved. This project can be used to stop the local mining companies that mercilessly exploit the /“lungs of the earth/”.

We are conscious people who love nature and want to make a contribution to protecting and making this world better. The beginning (Kichwa word "Shayary") of something big was born!

There are no coincidences: And so it was that the Kichwa Indians chose us to be the only Austrian company to sell Wayusa and to make it known with the right intention. Because we source Wayusa directly from the Kichwa Indians without intermediaries, the protection of the Amazon rainforest can be even better and people in Europe can benefit from Wayusa's healing properties! Feel the energy of the jungle and help protect the planet at the same time!

Seit 3 Jahren ist Wayusa nun auch fixer Bestandteil unseres Alltags und wir wollen euch diesen wertvollen Energiespender nicht vorenthalten!


First contact with Wayusa

In the course of a shamanic cleaning ritual of the Kichwa Indians, we drink Wayusa for the first time and are overwhelmed by the unique effect. Wayusa not only invigorates, it helps connect with body and mind and be in the NOW. From that day on, Wayusa has become an integral part of our lives.

Cooperation with the Kichwa Indians from Ecuador

Completely convinced of the special properties of Wayusa, it is an honor for us that we are selected for a direct cooperation with the Kichwa tribe. We are the only Austrian company to get Wayusa first-hand - straight from the jungle to the heart of Austria! The beginning of something big is born!

The Wayusa - Ancient Power company is launched!

With a big vision in mind, we work diligently and passionately to prepare the start of our company. The bureaucratic requirements and technical implementation (such as the right compostable packaging) take a full year of time and effort - but with our team of 4 friends and like-minded people, every project succeeds!

Wayusa Austria goes online!

The time has finally come - our website wayusa-austria.at is ready and goes online! Our joy cannot be put into words - from now on everyone can really enjoy pure jungle energy and use the unique properties of Wayusa for themselves! AND: With every purchase you directly support the Kichwa tribe and the primeval forest of Ecuador. But not only Wayusa tea, but also the best quality cocoa and other superfoods can be found in our webshop - 100% organic, 100% handmade!

Das Team

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Simon´s rechte Hand.

  • Nicole Duy
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Jedes Team braucht einen Tom. Doch nur wir haben den einzig wahren.

  • Thomas Unterberger
  • AiO / Finanzen

Jedes Team braucht seinen Techniker. (Trust me - I'm an Engineer)

  • Quentin Wohlfeil
  • AiO / Technik

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