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The plant

Ilex guayusa

Wayusa is a shrub or tree from the holly family (Ilex guayusa) and is grown in the Amazon region in Ecuador by the indigenous people, the Kichwa Indians, and carefully harvested by hand.

From the shrub to the tree

Mostly Wayusa grows as an average 2 meter tall shrub, but can grow up to 30 meters tall under optimal conditions.

No monocultures

Wayusa is not grown in monocultures, but in so-called "chakras " - these are huge gardens in which a variety of other trees and plants thrive. These chakras are home to countless animal and insect species.

History & Tradition

Every country and nation has its own way of drinking tea. Discover the tea culture and traditions of the Kichwa Indians of Ecuador.

The cultivation and use of Wayusa can look back on a centuries-old tradition. The caffeinated plant was used as a source of energy long ago and was then drunk by the hunters and warriors of the respective tribe in order to increase concentration and sharpen the senses.

At sunset, the Indian woman starts cooking Wayusa. The Wayusa leaves are placed in a pot of cold water, which is then heated over a fire and simmered for several hours. During the Wayusa ceremony, members of the indigenous tribe gather around the fire and each drink a large amount of it and then lie down again. The ritual consumption immediately before going to bed can create lucid dreams that predict the success of the hunt. In these dreams, the hunters of the people can connect with the forest animals.

Health & ingredients

What is inside makes Wayusa so unique!
The caffeine thing

The shape of caffeine determines how caffeine actually works in the body. Caffeine is an active ingredient that occurs naturally in over 60 other plants.

According to the current state of science, Wayusa is the plant with the highest caffeine content. It mainly affects the central nervous system and has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, increases memory and storage capacity. However, the composition of the caffeine is important. Wayusa contains only natural ingredients, including (all essential) amino acids and polyphenols. The caffeine is bound to these. The good thing about this is that the caffeine is only released in the intestinal tract, i.e. more slowly. For this reason, it works more constant and long-lasting.

The effect

Conclusion: Wayusa tea is the "better stimulant" - it contains more caffeine than coffee but with the difference that Wayusa builds up the caffeine level in the body more slowly, but it lasts longer. As a result, the body is not exposed to an unnatural stress state - the ideal start to the day!

In addition, Wayusa tea is pH neutral, which means that it doesn't acidify your body. So you can safely drink several cups a day without having a guilty conscience. Wayusa ensures an alert, clear and focused state of mind and also contains all essential amino acids - a true all-rounder!

Interesting studies on the interaction of L-theanine and caffeine show that it contributes to improved learning and memory performance and helps to improve stress resistance.


Caffeine or caffeine is an alkaloid that belongs to the group of xanthines. It is considered a psychoactive drug and stimulant. Caffeine is a component of numerous luxury foods such as coffee, tea, energy drinks or cola drinks and has a stimulating effect.


works similar to coffee and is among others the ingredient of cocoa


helps with bronchial asthma, increases the performance of the heart, stimulates the central nervous system, especially that of the respiratory tract


Otherwise only contained in the tea plant [Camellia sinensis]. Can pass the cerebral blood barrier and keeps you awake, focused and at the same time relaxed. It also balances the side effects of caffeine


twice as much as green tea - protect the cells from free radicals and can have an anti-cancer effect. Can be risk-reducing for cardiovascular diseases


Polyphenols are aromatic compounds and occur in plants as secondary plant substances. They are bioactive substances such as colors, flavors and tannins (bitter substances) and are intended to protect the plant from predators or to attract insects for pollination through their color. Some plants also use polyphenols to protect the photosynthesis apparatus due to their antioxidative effects and the filtering of high-energy UV-B radiation.


With the purchase of Wayusa you contribute to the protection of the rainforest!

We started this project as an aid to the rainforest. Our mission is to provide local families and communities in the jungle with sustainable income that helps preserve the biodiversity of the forests. Sustainable income is essential for the basic function of families and communities in the current social system in Ecuador. The installation of electricity and the compulsory school attendance for families with an average of 5 to 8 children pose many difficulties.

To pay these rising costs for energy, transportation, and school supplies, many families are vulnerable to offers from mining companies in the region. Mining activity has grown exponentially in the past decade as infrastructure has continued to penetrate the Amazon forest. And so many families are forced to cut down their trees or even sell their land for the exploitation of wood, gold and minerals. The current devastating forest fires in the Amazon rainforest are a direct result of it!

Cultivating Wayusa is a sustainable source of income that helps maintain the traditional way of life and culture of indigenous communities and their natural environment. With the profit generated by Wayusa's export, parts of the Amazon rainforest are also purchased, which subsequently cannot be cut down. By planting Wayusa trees in the rainforest, we are replacing the income from the mining activities with sustainable income that also enables the conservation of the natural forest environment. The traditional, permacultural planting of Wayusa in the shady forest areas supports the diversity of wild life, which has developed to its most fascinating appearance especially here in the equatorial rainforest.


A plant with added value!

Both coffee and Wayusa are exotic plants that come from far away. Although coffee originally comes from Africa, more precisely from Ethiopia, it is now sourced around the equator. Many farmers are forced to grow coffee in monocultures - entire forests are often cleared for what destroys natural biodiversity and deprives many animals of their habitats.

Wayusa comes from Ecuador and is planted there in so-called chakras (plural of chakra). These are gardens in which a wide variety of other trees and plants grow, creating a high level of biodiversity that provides a habitat for countless animals and insects (beneficial insects). Since nature's cycle does the work here, absolutely no chemicals are necessary.


Useful informations
Mauritia flexuosa

Palm fruit traditionally used in Peru by women of the Shipibo tribe. The tree of Aguaje is also called the „sacred tree of life“ and the fruit is also called the „fruit of feminine beauty“. The tree grows in the Amazon region around the Amazon and the Orinoco. It grows wild either on the banks of rivers and in floodplains or is cultivated in the vicinity of villages, both because of its fruit and because of its aesthetic side - it is considered one of the most beautiful palm trees and because of its beauty and nutritious fruit it is also „Mother of the Forest“. The visual aspect of this palm itself evokes a feeling of fullness and is therefore also planted in villages. The palm provides refuge for rare birds and livelihoods not only for humans, but also for tapirs or jaguars.

The feminine fruit of beauty

The fruits are collected by members of the (not only) Shipibo tribe and are a traditional part of the diet of women. This fruit has a high content of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamins C and E as well as protein, fiber and many minerals such as phosphorus, iron or thiamine. Among other things, they also contain an advantageous form of phytoestrogen (a natural hormone that resembles female hormones) for the human (and especially female) body, which promotes the natural formation of graceful female lines, contributes to the production of estrogen and balances hormones in the body. In fact, phytoestrogens from the Aguaje fruit are recognized by receptors in the female body and therefore have such an effectiveness. It has a positive effect on the creation of healthy and strong hair and nails and supports the natural beauty of the skin. It is said that eating these fruits or powders helps distribute body fat in the „right places“ (e.g. hips or busts) and is therefore an ideal nutritional supplement. They have a positive effect in relieving migraines and menstrual cramps. Positive effects can appear after just a few months of regular use. From our own observation 2 weeks. Only a small fraction of women don't like and don't like Aguai. In these rare cases, they are mostly women, with a very dominant male aspect of the personality, who are also satisfied with this constitution.

Female Power

Women of the Amazon Indians also eat these fruits during pregnancy and after giving birth while breastfeeding, in order to both balance the hormones after birth and to transmit the positive effects on the newborn. Aguaje fruits are also given to young children because they promote healthy growth and the development of bones and muscles. They are given to boys up to about seven years of age - women and girls continue to consume them. Aguaje's ability to shape a female figure has become a well-known phenomenon - there is even a special term: „Aguaje models“. These are women of Indian tribes who are characterized by their natural feminine beauty, their beautiful hair and their harmonious feminine curves and lines. Aguaje is also very suitable for castrated bitches to heal faster after the operation and has a positive effect on their hormonal balance.


Theobroma cacao

Cocoa has been used by indigenous peoples as medicine since ancient times and was part of sacred ceremonies. The Mayas and Aztecs considered „Mama Cacao“ the most powerful of all deities. Whenever the balance between man and nature is in danger, Mama Cacao opens people's hearts and restores harmony - so it says in an old legend.

Food of the gods

Cocoa helps to connect with your true self, gives energy and creates a contented and secure state. The indigenous peoples still regularly worship cocoa in corresponding cocoa ceremonies. These ceremonies essentially consist of an opening, a main part and a closing ritual. You can read the rough process of such a cocoa ceremony below.

The perfect travel companion

The Indians also usually have some cocoa beans with them when they are on long marches and do not have time to cook a meal. Cocoa gives energy and suppresses the feeling of hunger. The beans are also often offered as an offering to the gods of nature. Our cocoa, the Criollo variety, is considered the archetype of all existing cocoa plants and is only grown at 1% worldwide. Since our cocoa is not only 100% organic, but also fairly traded and not roasted, it is perfect as a ceremonial cocoa. The Criollo variety is the most delicate and purest form of cocoa and is lovingly harvested by hand in Peru.

The cocoa ceremony

No cocoa ceremony is the same and does not follow any rules set in stone. However, it essentially consists of 3 sections - the opening, the main part and the closing part.

The cocoa is traditionally prepared as part of the opening ritual. While stirring, the intention of the ritual is formulated and your own energy is sent into the cocoa. Then the cocoa is drunk consciously and carefully.

In the main part, it is a good idea to develop creatively and to consciously perceive the effects of cocoa. Mostly people sing, draw or meditate in total immersion. Often, notes with written words are also burned in the course of this main part to finally let them go - because cocoa cleanses the mind and restores the balance.

In the final part of the cocoa ceremony, the cocoa goddess is thanked for your help and thoughts are returned to the intent in the opening ritual. Each cocoa ceremony is unique and no two can be the same. The experiences and insights that arise are often of long-lasting effect.

Of course, you can also design your own ceremony according to your preferences. You can find the perfect cocoa for this in our online shop! :)